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10 Cleverly Hidden Homes You Would Never Even Know Were There


God wants us to work hard so that we have the resources to build and stay in comfortable homes. Through hard work, we can create heaven on earth so that we have a great time on this planet. We should also pray to God every day so that we have the strength and energy to carry out our daily tasks.

People love to build homes in places that are away from the general population. Some of them enjoy being away from civilization while others celebrate it in style. Here are 10 mind blowing homes, miles away from cities and towns, that look as though they have become a part of nature:

1. Bungalow in the Pines, Brittish Columbia, Canada: Be one with nature in this gorgeous house that uses moss to blend into the landscape.

2. Canyon Mansion, Utah, USA: The Canyon Mansion was the result of a married couple’s dream to live in a place that is quiet.

3. Cliff House, Coquimbo, Chile: Cliff House gives you a magnificent view of the ocean while ensuring you have all the necessities to make your life comfortable.

4. Desert Oasis, California, USA: From a distance, it looks like a bunch of fallen leaves. Don’t be fooled by its appearance as glass, copper, steel, and concrete are its building materials.

5. Dugout House, Texas, USA: Due to 6.2 feet of dirt covering the house, you won’t even know it exists until you take a closer look.

6. Houses on Top of Shopping Mall, Hunan, China: To overcome lack of space, developers started building houses on top of the Hunan skyline.

7. Lake Chalet in Hordaland, Norway: It is a house that blends with its surroundings like a chameleon.

8. Mirrorcube Hotel, Lapland, Sweden: When you first look at this hotel, it feels like you are looking at the trees. Want to stay in camouflaging hotel?

9. Penthouse in a Rock, Beirut, Lebanon: A house built inside a rock, it is one of the most unbelievable places on this planet, till you see it with your eyes.

10. Villa Vals, Vals, Switzerland: Villa Vals is a house that resides in a cave as the authorities didn’t allow the homeowners to build high buildings.

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SOURCE: http://jesusdaily.com/