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10 Genius Kitchen Tricks To Make Your Life Easier!


Be it cooking a simple breakfast or an elaborate dinner, the kitchen has always been a domain of constant struggles and challenges. Making even a simple dish such as a boiled egg involves some complex steps. However, there are a bunch of innovative kitchen hacks and tricks that can greatly simplify activities like skinning and chopping vegetables, de-shelling eggs, measuring out ingredients and preserving food among others. Some popular kitchen tricks are mentioned below that can make even a newbie look like a pro chef.

  • Blowing out eggs- De-shelling eggs can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Quite often we see people struggling with falling crumbs and broken egg whites. While there are numerous ways to successfully de-shell an egg, one of the easiest and fastest ways is to blow it out. All you need to do is make a small opening at the thinner end of the egg and a big opening at the broader end. Then simply blow out from the shorter opening and the egg will gently pop-out of the other end.
  • Preserving guacamole- Avocado dips are just the best. Too bad it’s so difficult to keep them fresh preserved for longer durations. Even after using airtight lids, guacamole refuses to remain completely fresh. A simple trick is to put a layer of water above the paste just before closing it with an airtight lid. The water seals the guacamole and keeps it fresh.
  • Whisking the whites- Having trouble spreading the egg evenly while making fried eggs? Well you can now make the perfectly even and symmetrical sunny side up with this neat trick. All it takes is to crack the egg in a bowl and whisk only the whites, keeping the yolk intact. Now pour it over a heated pan and watch the white settle evenly.

To know more about such amazing kitchen tricks, watch this video.

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