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19-Year-Old Goes To College And Works Full Time To Save His Brother With Cancer


As the old adage goes, “God helps those who help themselves,” it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you cannot achieve great things in life by prayer alone. One needs to work hard and put their sincere efforts in everything that they choose to do in life. Sometimes one is simply not dealt a good hand and it might be tempting to blame every ugly aspect of your life on God. However, what we fail to understand is that our destiny is exactly what we make of it. It is you and you alone who can invest yourself in improving your situation and turning the circumstances. You can either choose to lead a life of despair and let everything be as it is or take charge of the situation at hand and try to make things better.

One such story of self-determination and optimism involves a 19-year-old student who chose to deal with this situation by himself and not play the blame game. Belonging to an impoverished community in the Hubei Province of China, Ma is a 19-year-old student who decided to start working as a construction worker in a bid to save money for the surgery of his little brother who was suffering from cancer.

The humble background of the student implied that his parents did not have enough money to finance the bone marrow surgery for their 3-year-old son. The little one was diagnosed with leukemia and required immediate medical attention. As such, Ma decided to take things into his own hands and began toiling as a worker for a construction company to earn enough money to be able to help save the life of his younger brother. And that’s not all! Ma is also a hard-working student who wishes to continue his studies and become a doctor someday so that he too can help save lives of other people suffering from a terminal disease like his brother. Having secured an impressive 456 marks in his final exams, Ma stated, “I must enter a medical school, only then I have a chance of curing my brother.”

While Ma and his parents toil hard every day to earn more money for the ailing 3-year-old, the little one is looked after by his grandmother who stays at home. According to the reports, Ma is able to make a small 100 Yuan (equivalent to RM60) every day working on the construction site. Intriguingly, Ma’s story found its way to the internet where countless benevolent individuals decided to do their bit in helping the student gather enough funds for his brother’s surgery. As a result, the crowdfunding campaign was able to collect a remarkable 600,000 Yuan in a matter of days, giving a ray of hope to Ma and his family for saving the life of their loved one! Expressing his gratitude to the helpful netizens, Ma said,” “Finally my little brother can be saved!”

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SOURCE: http://jesusdaily.com/