Home STORY A couple has 38 children and spends $52,000 on groceries annually

A couple has 38 children and spends $52,000 on groceries annually


Jeane and Paul Briggs met as adolescents when they attended a Christian summer camp. They quickly fell in love, got married in 1976, and have been together ever since. Jeane always dreamed of having a big family, however, she never fathomed how exceptionally big her family would one day be.

After she and Paul had three biological kids together, Jeane went on a mission trip to Mexico and fell in love with a blind young kid named Abraham. Jeane and Paul embraced Abraham in 1985 and quickly felt a call to adopt more kids who were in need of a caring family.

Jeane started her profession as a sympathetic nurse who often got calls from adoption agencies seeking medical guidance on, particularly challenging cases. Many of these calls came and were in regards to kids who were tragically left by their birth families in nations like Russia and Ghana because they suffered from deformities and special needs.

Some of these kids had serious autism, cleft palates, or rare diseases like polio. Others were simply getting older within the adoption system and would quickly have nowhere to go. Jeane and Paul brought one of these kids to their house in West Virginia … then another … then another.

Today, the loving couple is in their 60s, but that isn’t slowing them down! They have 38 kids in total, including 32 who are officially adopted and a whopping 25 still residing at home with them! Now that’s one full house!

SOURCE: http://jesusdaily.com/