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A miracle from God – Man’s sight restored after going blind 14 years ago


Around 14 years ago, Rev. Philip Dunn of Valley Christian Assembly lost sight as a result of macular degeneration.

It was told to the reverend that for a couple of years he might not see the effect. But Dunn started witnessing black dots, a sign of progressive illness within a few months.

Dunn believed his sight would be restored one day, despite the diagnosis. This belief came to pass when another serious eye problem became an unexpected blessing.

Dunn began to have headaches and severe pain in his left eye in August 2018. According to WCHS, a news agency affiliated with the ABC, one of Dunn’s cataracts ruptured, which caused further optical nerve damage. To remove this dangerous cataract Dunn needed surgery.

In order to inspire others to share their faith, the following events were retold on the official Assemblies of God (AG) website.

The article states that Dunn removed the patch after surgery over his swollen eye at home. He could look up at the dining room to his surprise, and even walked into the kitchen, and for the first time in 14 years, he could see his wife.

After examination, the surgeon did not find any evidence of the disease. A second operation to remove the cataract in his right eye took place two weeks later. The vision has recovered in that eye as well.

According to the AG article, this was the first time Dunn was able to see his grandchildren and son-in-law. His previous lack of vision had affected his daughter, Sarah, especially since her father couldn’t see her on her wedding day. Now, Dunn isn’t wasting time taking advantage of his newfound ability to play with his grandchildren.

“The doctors did what they could. God did what they couldn’t,” said Sarah in the article for the Assemblies of God.

Just after the miraculous cure, Dunn traveled to California, which he long dreamt of, WCHS reports.

The AG article photographs the reverend at the DMV again with his driver’s license.

The first sermon of Reverend Dunn was about the blind man Jesus healed in the Bible after the incident.

SOURCE: http://jesusdaily.com/