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Actor Val Kilmer Tackles Terminal Cancer Head-On, Credits Healing to ‘Power of Prayer’


Ever since the early centuries, scientists, philosophers and religious representatives have clashed over what their beliefs are. It has resulted in wars, deaths and has left a negative imprint on our society in many ways.

 But it has also left positive imprints as well. Some people are more reserved about their beliefs, while others have embraced the past and speak freely about them. There is no right or wrong answer when talking about a person’s belief system, all you can do is respect their decision.

Take Hollywood actor Val Kilmer for example, he is usually very reserved when it comes to talking about his beliefs. But when he was asked about a certain illness that he dealt with, he was not shy to credit his beliefs.

 It started in October 2016, when fellow Hollywood actor Michael Douglas told the media that Kilmer was suffering from terminal cancer. Kilmer denied Douglas’ comments at first, during a detailed interview in November 2016 with Deadline Hollywood. In April 2017, he admitted that he was battling throat cancer.
When Kilmer was asked about his fight with cancer, he was quick to credit his faith as the reason for his healing from the deadly disease.
He stated that he would constantly pray while he was being treated and battling cancer. He also went on to say that he believes prayer is as potent today as it was in Jesus’ time.
Kilmer is very humbled and grateful that he was able to experience what prayer and love can do for a person. Kilmer also added that he received love and prayers from the doctors he met during his treatment/recovery.
Kilmer added that while modern medicine has saved billions of lives, it has not always offered an escape route when dealing/thinking of death. But prayer has healed many people according to “recorded history.”
When he was asked about what choices he had to make that contributed to his spiritual development, he mentioned that turning down career opportunities played a big part. But now that Kilmer has faced cancer head on and beat it, he is extremely excited about his future movie releases that include “Top Gun 2,” which comes out July 2019.
What we can take from Kilmer’s experience is that a belief doesn’t necessarily have to be religious or scientific. In this case, it was religious, but the point of a belief is to keep you motivated to a greater goal. In Kilmer’s case, praying helped him beat a deadly disease that kills millions of people every year.
When we’re faced with a difficult challenge, we often feel that we are alone. But the truth is we’re not. If you are a religious individual, God is always there to talk to you. If you are a scientific individual, there is always statistics and studies that can provide you with positivity. The bottom line is that belief comes from within, so you need to believe in yourself first before you can believe in anything else.
SOURCE: http://providr.com/