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Blue Bell Ice Cream Fans Upset After 2017 “Christmas Cookies” Ice Cream Sold Out In Record Time


As we are God’s favorite creations, it is our purpose to spread the Spirit of Christmas to everyone around us. Just as God wanted, we should bring happiness and joy to our fellow brothers and sisters. During this festive season, we should be thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to eat various types of delicious food. We should also make it a point to share our food with our fellow brethren.

Every year, companies always have something in store for us during the festive season of Christmas. Companies release special editions of their products and services to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. For example, Starbucks has an exclusive holiday menu during Christmas season. They also make significant changes to their cups to match the holiday theme.

American ice cream manufacturer’s, Blue Bell Ice Cream, journey started in 1907. Since the beginning, people all over the world loved Blue Bell Ice Cream because of their delicious products. Over time, their fan base grew significantly, because they just couldn’t get enough! Every bite of their ice cream is brilliant on your taste buds. You can taste the rich flavor of their ice cream once it melts in your mouth.

Christmas is just around the corner, but our Christmas Cookies Ice Cream is in stores beginning today! This flavor…

Posted by Blue Bell Ice Cream on Monday, October 23, 2017

For Christmas this year, Blue Bell Ice Cream came out with a special flavor known as “Christmas Cookies.” In 2017, Blue Bell Ice Cream made a blend of sugar, snickerdoodle, and chocolate chip for their special Christmas edition. On top of that, they also used green icing swirl and red sprinkles. As a result of this, you get a mouth-watering combination of cookie flavored ice cream that will leave you wanting for more with every single bite.

On October 23, 2017, Blue Bell Ice Cream released this delectable ice cream flavor to the market. Due to its luscious flavor, it was an instant hit with the fans. By November 29th, 2017 the company had run out of stock of its “Christmas Cookies” ice cream. The fans were disappointed that they could not get their hands on this flavor. If they wanted to try it out, they had to wait until Christmas 2018.

Blue Bell Ice Cream posted the following on their Facebook page, “The demand for Christmas Cookies has been overwhelming, and we, unfortunately, sold out much more quickly than we anticipated. Due to timing constraints, we are unable to order additional ingredients to get the flavor back before Christmas, but we definitely have plans to make more next year.”

The fans couldn’t hold back their sadness as they took to social media to express their feelings. While it is sad that you can no longer taste their mind-blowing flavor, we should be happy because Blue Bell will be producing larger amounts of ice cream for next year’s Christmas. Just as how this year flew by, 2018’s Christmas will be here before you even realize it.

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