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Clever Aluminum Foil Hacks!


Aluminum foil, that thin sheet of metal which keeps food safe under its protective folds. When used properly, it safeguards the eatables from the onslaught of oxygen, water, and even light. Neither germs nor strange smells or flavors can contaminate the items wrapped tight inside its layers. That’s what makes the aluminum foil indispensable in the food and drug industries as a wonderful packaging material.

But when we throw away this humble foil after unwrapping our meal, if we think that packaging is its only life purpose, we can’t be more wrong! These metal leaves are pliable enough to be utilized in many more ways. All it requires is a little bit of creativity!

On a hot summer day, you decide to host a barbeque party. You take out the grill, but it is too dirty. What do you do? Why, clean it, of course! But what if you can’t find the wire brush anywhere? Panic not. Aluminum foil is here to help. Just ball up the foil and roll up your sleeves. Now start scrubbing!

With a layer of foil spread out on the board, ironing clothes was never easier or faster! Have you run out of batteries and the last spare one is a little too small for the TV remote? Need to move heavy furniture around the house easily without scratching the floor? Want to chuck out bacon grease without spilling it all over the place? Want a funnel to pour in some gas but can’t find a funnel? Guess what, the humble foil can help you solve these problems as well.

How? Take a look at these simple hacks here!

SOURCE: http://jesusdaily.com/