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Get Paid To Eat Pizza: This Restaurant Is Hiring A Professional Pizza Eater


Do you have a passion for pizza? Have you ever wished you could have a job eating your favorite food? I’m talking about getting up in the morning and heading into work to sample slice after delicious slice.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, we don’t need to pinch you. Your dream could come true! One pizza company overseas has put out the call for a professional pizza taster. And, the company’s search started a social media sensation!

Pizza Job Is A Slice Of Heaven

My mouth just waters at the thought of this job! The Bath Pizza Co. has an opening for one special candidate to take a bite out of an incredible opportunity. According to the job posting, the ideal employee must be a “pizza connoisseur with a love for wood fired flavors.”

The Bath Pizza Co. has a new menu in the works and needs someone to sample new recipes and pies. The professional pizza taster will help the chefs refine their menu before it goes live for their customers. So, this job goes beyond simply eating pizza. The lucky person must be able to provide specific and honest feedback about what he or she eats. This requires good communication skills and someone with experience with a wide variety of flavors.

Getty Images | Scott Olson

In other words, if you stick to plain cheese pizza, this might not be the best fit. You need to be willing to take a walk on the wild side with your pizza choices!

How many any of these out-of-the-pizza-box creations have you enjoyed?

Of course, there’s the classic margherita pie!

Here’s a new twist on a veggie pizza. It includes pesto, chicken, ricotta cheese and practically a whole salad, including tomatoes!

How about this for a pizza combo: bacon, fresh spinach, fresh jalapeño, parmesan, crimini, artichoke hearts and creamy red sauce. Hungry yet?

Salmon on pizza? Why not?

One of the growing trends for pizza is adding fruit as a topping. Sure, pineapple has been around for a while. But, what about more exotic options. Say, fig for example? This pie has fig, and a blend of cheeses including parmesan, gorgonzola and brie! Fancy!

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