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Grumpy Ballerina Hilariously Steals Show At Dance Recital


Kids don’t always do what they are told, and that is especially true when you put them on stage in front of a large crowd! Many kids love doing dance, and going to dance school is a great way for them to make friends and learn about this beautiful art! Ballet is a beautiful form of dance, and many young girls are very good at it. And while there are children who are naturally gifted with dancing abilities, there are others that are definitely not.

These four little ballerinas took to the stage for their very first dance recital and their parents couldn’t be more excited. All of the tiny dancers were four years old and looked so cute in their little dance outfits. But that all changed when the music started and one little ballerina made it very clear that she did not want to be up there.

Three of the little girls are looking at their instructor and following her cues, but one of the ballerinas is just too grumpy to listen! She stands with her arms crossed and makes the entire audience laugh with her stubborn pout. She really did steal the show and we have a feeling her parents won’t be sending her to any more ballet classes!

Watch the hilarious recital in the video below:

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