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Harry Connick Jr. Opens Up, Boldly Professes His Faith In God!


While we go through our daily lives, we sometimes face situations where all our critical and creative thinking is put to test. We do fail in this test sometimes and what is left is a ray of hope. This hope is fuelled and sustained by a strong belief in God. We are not capable of answering all the questions that we are faced with, some questions can only be answered through a prayer which come out of the depth of our hearts. Unfortunately, today’s world is not walking in the right direction. We hear of people being led astray with all kinds of wrong beliefs. These beliefs might offer comfort and joy in the short run but prove to be disastrous in the long run. Following the will of God is not an easy task and very few people are able to accomplish it. But once this task is done a person can reap the benefits that will be showered upon them!

Celebrities use social media, advertisements, and TV to portray an image of success and luxury. They usually associate themselves with comfort and it would be quite unusual for a celebrity to go in the opposite direction. Another factor is the private space of celebrities. There are a few among them who do not have any definition or line that separates their private and public space. On the other hand the majority of celebrities keep their personal space and opinions under a strict guard. Celebrities are hardly known to break the above stereotyped image. Among the few who have broken the image have managed to generate considerable commotion by stating their personal opinions.

Harry Connick Jr has proved his talent in various roles including singing, acting, and hosting. He recently declared his love for God during a TV interview. He openly and fearlessly stated that everything he has achieved in his life is with the help of God. The very basic foundation of his life is built on the wise words of God. He made an appearance on the Frankly Faraci show. Harry Connick Jr revealed this sacred truth to the host of the show Matthew Faraci. The interview was telecast on the Dove Channel.

He stated his undying faith through an example of three wishes. The usual response to the question “What would you do if you had three wishes?” is money, fame, success. Harry Connick Jr however said that he would use up all three wishes to fulfil God’s will. He said, “If I had three wishes I want to do God’s will, I want to do God’s will, I want to do God’s will.”

The path towards attaining God’s grace is not exciting or filled with adventure. But Harry Connick Jr has a different take on this. He says that his work is filled with more creativity and energy when he does it in the presence of God. He believes that fulfilling God’s will is his destiny. This idea has created and supported all the other things in his life. When God is the foundation then you attain the liberty to be childlike. To quote his words- “I just want to do what I’m supposed to do and for me, knowing that that is the premise on which everything is built, it allows me to be childlike. It allows me to be spontaneous and more creative.”

Harry Connick Jr has made his name in the world of jazz. He has managed to enter the list of top 60 best selling male artists in the country. He has produced jazz albums which have reached the top of the charts. Fans of his music will definitely remember the 90s, when his creativity and talent was recognized by the musical industry.

After displaying his music potential, he made his way into the television industry which was followed by the movie industry. Many celebrities might make a stop after this but Harry Connick Jr is not like them. He tried his talents on the Broadway stage too.
His fame has never stopped him from shying away from his complete faith in God. He has used his own talk show “Harry” to convey his thoughts and feelings about his strong spiritual identity to his fans.

He says, “I don’t preach on the show because I’m not a preacher. And I don’t really get into politics and stuff because I’m an entertainer and I just want to have a really fun show, but here’s the deal… For some reason, it’s not OK or hasn’t been OK to talk about your faith, you know. Like there’s places where you can’t say ‘Merry Christmas’ and all that stuff. That’s just not who I am.”
Tim Tebow has also made an appearance on the show. “Yes, if a guy like Tim Tebow comes on and wants to tell this amazing story and speak the values that make him the great guy that he is… man, I see no other thing to do but to celebrate that.”

Harry Connick Jr believes that using his show he can bring joy to the lives of many people. He believes that being a celebrity is not restricted to acting or performing. The status and reach of a celebrity can be used for a greater goal. In case of Harry Connick Jr the goal is spreading the word of God through which he can change the very thoughts of people.

“I’m so thankful. I feel like it’s fortuitous that we came around with my show now,” Connick says, “because we’re in a tough place right now. And if I can just bring a little bit of joy to people during the day, I’ll feel like I’ll have done my job.” The interview has revealed that sometimes behind the glitz and glamour of a celebrity life there can be a strong faith in God. Such a faith might have been the reason they have achieved success.

Source: http://www.jesusdaily.com/

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