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Husband Convinces Pilot To Keep Destination Secret For Wife’s Epic Birthday Surprise.


Throughout their nearly 30-year marriage, Nicola Millar had always taken care of all the bookings and planning for family vacations and romantic getaways with her husband, Steve. But on one of the few times he took charge, he totally nailed it!

There they were one night, just out to dinner with some friends, when Steve, 53, suddenly announced she needed to pack her bags. They were about to jet off for a surprise trip to celebrate her 50th birthday! She probably thought this was a spur-of-the-moment getaway, but actually, it was anything but spontaneous… he’d meticulously plotted and detailed this surprise for weeks.

She was still in the dark as they traveled from their home in Shrewsbury in southwest England to an airport in Manchester. He figured she’d guess their destination somewhere along the way, but still, he did his best to prolong the suspense, confiscating her boarding pass, covering her eyes at the gate and even plugging her ears during the announcements.

“It was very difficult to keep it a secret. Even I didn’t think I’d manage it but I was excited to see how far we could get without her finding out,” Steve recalled.

It’s hard enough to keep a secret to yourself, never mind keep it contained within a group of strangers. But Steve clued Easyjet’s staff in ahead of time, and they were more than happy to play along: “She’s got all the way here and still doesn’t know where she’s going, so if anybody walks past Row 20, please keep the destination to yourself,” the flight attendant announced.

The other passengers complied with the request during the flight, which landed three hours and nearly 2,000 miles later. Nicola was still none the wiser as they deboarded, but she finally realized where they were when they entered the terminal and she recognized the writing on the signs.

“I had been to Corfu before (but) it didn’t click until I saw some Greek writing inside the airport,” Nicola said. “I just yelled ‘Oh my God, I’m in Corfu.’ Everyone in the queue cheered and clapped. I was really excited and overwhelmed.”

Not only that, but Steve had booked them at the Elea Beach Hotel, where they spent the next several days getting pampered and receiving the kind of service you’ll only get during the off season!

Steve may have inadvertently taken over all future vacation-planning activities for the rest of his life with this stunt, but wouldn’t you agree it was worth it just to see the pure joy on his beloved wife’s face?

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