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Maid Gets Surprise Of Her Life When She Lifts The Hotel Bed’s Cover.


Sometimes in the world, there are certain acts that never go unnoticed or forgotten. One of these acts is so kind and heartwarming that they can touch a person to the very depth of their soul. The absolute funniest thing was is that all this was caught on film. Some jobs go unappreciated and others get thanked beyond belief. Motel cleaners would be one of those positions that probably falls under this category since they clean up stuff that most people won’t even touch or can’t even look at. Well, this motel cleaner was in for the surprise of her life when she went in to clean one of these guest’s room.

Kyle and Josh had gone in to talk to the hotel manager and found out one of the stories of one of her employees. This lady one day stop by looking for a place to stay when she noticed the sign in the front of the motel that said: “Now hiring.” She inquired from the manager about the position which was for a maid’s position.

The previous maid had quit and left everything behind. As all the work started to pile up, the manager didn’t know what else to do but put up a “now hiring” sign, sit back, and wait. It just so happens that some people just walk in at the right time. That is just what happened with this lady who the manager hired on the spot for the maid’s position. The manager went on to tell Kyle and Josh that before she was even hired on, the girl noticed all the laundry built up and started taking the towels and not only folding them and putting them away, but she began to organize everything. This blew the manager’s mind completely away and hired the maid the same day.

Giving her the position was a pleasure as she turned out to be her greatest asset in her motel. The girl now had a place to stay since she was down on her luck and had nowhere else to go along with a job. Kyle and Josh have a YouTube channel that is called, “Give Back Films” and took down the information the motel manager gave them and decided to do just what their films are called, “give back.”

As they were there for the annual Sundance Film Festival they decided they were going to help the maid and film it for their YouTube channel. On their way out to the festival, before they left, they placed $500 in cash underneath the sheets and their room and left a note that said, “This is a tip.” They also set up a camera to catch the maids response as they watched from outside the room.

The video shows the maid walking in the room and beginning to clean the motel room and she is totally unaware of what she is soon to find. As she starts to fix the bed, there it is. She finds the cash with the note and words cannot capture her response but the YouTube video sure did as Kyle and Josh we’re watching through the window from outside. These acts of kindness are a rare catch on video. But Kyle and Josh may have a best-seller on their hands.

SOURCE: http://jesusdaily.com/