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Man weighs 500Ibs, begins to lose weight on 40th birthday: Today he’s been transformed


Obesity can very often be a difficult thing to endure. Along with other problems, obesity makes you feel sad and unhappy, which leads to turning to food for comfort, which just makes the problem worse.

It’s tough not to have as much freedom as other people when it comes to being activeand participating in physical events. No one wants to watch from the sidelines as their friends and family has fun without them.

That said, breaking old habits is always tough, especially when they are central to your lifestyle. Jared is an exception.

When Jared Mollenkopf turned 40-years-old, he weighed in at over 500Ibs.

He was quite unhealthy, unhappy and very tired of his state. He could not perform well at work, and was too tired to sit in his office every day. He was also required to buy the biggest possible sizes for clothes at the local XXXL clothing store.

Jared made the decision that he was going to change something.

“”I’ve been fat my whole life. Every day I’ve woken up heavier than I was the day before. It was a fact in life and I accepted it,” Jared explained in a blog post.

Although he was aware that obesity was the cause of his suffering, Jared did nothing to change things.

But why did he continue on this path?

“Because for a long time I had no interest in changing. I knew when I sat down to eat a carton of donuts that would make me fatter, that my back would take even more damage and make it even harder to get up and move,” says Jared.

Then, one day, when Jared reached the age of 40, something “clicked” in his mind. He made the decision that enough was enough.

He began to workout, eat the correct foods and lose weight. A huge part of his success was a unique form of yoga; one that combines yoga with a traditional regime and rehab workouts.

The exercise was not hard on the joints, but at the same time it was enough to help the body drop fat and grow muscle. It was the perfect workout for Jared.

Although the beginning was very hard, he wasn’t demotivated. In just nine months he lost almost 200Ibs!

That’s when he came across yoga author Joseph Falkinburg (also known as the Diamond Dallas Page).

When Jared told her his weight loss story, which had taken place primarily by utilizing the aforementioned specific form of yoga, Joseph could not believe his ears.

Jared shared his progress on DDP Yoga’s official page.

Nine months after the fact, Jared was invited to Joseph’s yoga center to become a part of the programming. His story can be used as inspiration for anyone who is having trouble with weight issues.

SOURCE: http://jesusdaily.com/