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Mom’s Hidden Camera Captures Sweet Father’s Adorable Parenting Moment


Parenting is one of the biggest responsibilities we have – to raise God-fearing children who will grow up to be kind, compassionate and responsible adults. The challenges of parenting, however, are overshadowed by the joys. The joy of parenting is unlike any other, and once we have fulfilled the duties of raising our children well to adulthood, we get to enjoy one of life’s greatest joys – the joy of being grandparents. Grandparents don’t need to worry about all the things parents have to worry about. They’ve already done that with their own children whose turn it now is to bear the responsibilities of parenting. Grandparents get to enjoy pampering their grandkids and spending time with them. However, it is not always easy to make that time, maybe because of living far away from each other or due to the restrictions of old age. One mother found a way to capture her kids’ lives so that she could show their grandma at her leisure. What she did, however, captured much more than just her kids being adorable.

Rujeana is a young mom of two who really wanted to capture candid moments of her kids growing up that she could share with their grandmother and keep to cherish as they grow up. She came up with the idea of setting up a hidden camera in her family’s living room so that it could capture footage of her kids being cute and adorable which she could then show to their grandmother. When she checked the footage though, Rujeana found that it wasn’t just her kids being adorable but her husband too! In a footage shared on Rumble, you can see how Rujeana’s husband takes care of the kids when she’s not home, and it is one of the cutest things you will ever see.

The video begins with the older daughter, who looks to be around 3 years old, dancing with a pair of pom-poms in front of a huge TV that’s got a karaoke program on. The younger daughter, still just a baby, is also dancing along as she happily bounces in her baby chair. This is the scene that their dad witnesses as he comes into frame, walking into the living room with a basket of laundry. As he spots his kids having a good time, he puts down the laundry and walks over to them. Many might assume that what he does next might be something stern, like turning off the TV or asking his oldest daughter to sit and watch quietly. He does neither. Instead, he walks over and joins his daughter, lip-syncing exaggeratedly and dancing to Katy Perry’s song “E.T.” His show is a hit with both daughters who happily dance and bounce along with their fun, adorable dad. Dad ends the show by borrowing the pom-poms and putting on a funny cheer performance. Then, he goes back to the mundane dad duties and takes care of the laundry.

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