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Mother And Daughter With Heartbreaking Story Step Onto Stage, When They Start Singing Even Simon Has To Smile


There are times when our life splits into two paths: one is the easy but immoral path, and the other is the difficult but right path. With things changing at a rapid pace, there are a lot of moral grey areas now-a-days, more than the clear, guilt-free black and white our forefathers had. So the concept of right and wrong have changed a lot over the years, but God still calls us to obey his laws.

Ana and her daughter Fia were presented with one such trying time when they had to choose between living with an abusive husband and father in the house or starting fresh on their own away from the abuse. What’s difficult about giving up on an abusive relationship and starting anew is that it takes plenty of courage to know you can support not only yourself but also your daughter as a single parent. The problems arise more externally than internally, what with all the taunts and bullying that single parents and their children have to face. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ana had to harden her heart and walk away from the man she loved enough to marry and become a parent with. But this mother-daughter duo did not give up on their fight and chose to lead a tough but happy life on their own.

With the grace of the Lord, both ladies are blessed with a wonderful voice. Listening to them speak in the video, you may not be able to assess the full range and power of their voices, but boy! Do they change your opinion when they start singing?!

In the widely popular show “Britain’s Got Talent”, Ana talks about how the encouragement and love from their friends and well-wishers helped them get onto such a big platform and showcase their talent as a duo. Fia opens the performance with the opening bars of “Tell Him”, a powerful song performed by two magical singing legends – Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion. Her sweet voice captivates the interest of the all the judges in the show, but it the strong, stunning voice of Ana which bowls the judges over. No one could have guessed the mother packed such a powerful voice! Ana flawlessly deliver all the high and low notes of the song, while her daughter matches her at every step. Together, the pair deliver a nearly flawless performance.

As much as their talent impresses the judges and the audience, the strong bond of love, compassion, and strength that they share brings everyone in that room to their feet. Claps and happy smiles pour for the performing duo, and everyone is amazed at the enthralling performance that they give on the show. While initially the mother and daughter perform to impress the judges, they gradually increase their eye contact with each other and it is apparent they draw inspiration and care from the other. The hard-hitting lyrics of the song, and emotions that made Ana and Fia appear on the stage make this a truly memorable performance indeed!

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