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Teens Take Stage With Version Of “Hallelujah” So Haunting No One Took A Breath


If there ever were a song could be said to be an exquisitely divine power ballad, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is definitely it. It’s a perennial favorite among both amateur singers and professionals, with Billboard mentioning performances by Jeff Buckley, Willie Nelson, and Justin Timberlake among their top 12 most memorable “Hallelujah” covers list.

So of course it’s no shock that this classic would one day make its way into the battle round of The Voice Teens Philippines. When musicians Andrea and Emarjhun found themselves pitted against each other in a sweet duet of the beautifully haunting tune, they both knew that in the end only one of their hallelujah’s would receive praise from the judges, so they sang their hearts out.

By the time contestants finally make it to the battle round of this show they’ve already proved themselves to be amazing singers. They made it through the blind auditions, were added to one of the judge’s teams, and have been personally coached by a pro.

While Andrea and Emarjhun may have been instructed to be the best vocalist, nothing could really prepare them for the battle ring, where they were forced to go head to head with one of their incredibly talented team members. But, “Hallelujah” has a way of somehow soothing even the most emotionally wrecked souls.

The judges were fascinated with Emarjhun as soon as he started singing in his deep and low tone. The delicate vibrations of his voice were not only heard throughout the room, but they could be felt. It was obvious from the start that Andrea would have a lot to live up to!

But, when it was her turn to impress the judges, her sweet lilt was more than music to their ears. She belted it out with passion, and when she hit the high notes the audience clapped and cheered her on!

Even Emarjhun himself was impressed by Andrea’s powerful vocals. The teen could be seen looking at the young woman with complete and total admiration when she performed her rendition.

Halfway between Andrea’s performance, judge Bamboo let a “Woo” slip out because he was so impressed with her, but that didn’t mean this battle with Emarjhun was over with. There was still plenty of beautiful lyrics left that needed to be performed, and occasionally all it takes is a little bit of friendly competition to bring out the best voices from within.

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