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When a man’s tire blew out and his car rolled over, he was saved by a group of strangers


A handful of Good Samaritans were working together to flip a car and save a driver after it turned over on a busy interstate.

On Interstate 88, in the Chicago suburbs, the man was helped Monday morning by six to eight construction workers and other drivers. The crash occurred when his back tire blew, and his pickup truck was sent to the shoulder and flipped during the early hours on Monday.

When Tom Meyers, a firefighter, and paramedic was leaving his job at the Rosemont Department of Public Safety when he saw the mangled vehicle. As the others were trying to flip the car on its side he pulled over to assist.

Meyers put on his firefighter pants and assessed the situation.

“They were construction workers and businessmen,” Meyers said in a CNN interview on Monday. “The car was on its roof and they had flipped it on its side. I just started talking to the guy and assessing him. The guy was talking to me and he seemed fine.”

Some participants had crowbars and saws, so Meyers said that the group was able to remove the windshield. Then Meyers cut off the seat-belt and kept the driver speaking.
“Miraculously he didn’t have any injuries sustained,” he said.

So Meyers and the other people helped him out. Meyers assessed this man until other emergency personnel could arrive.

“When you get into that work mode, you want to help somebody,” said Meyers. “It was just getting to him and seeing how he was doing and going from there.” Meyers had no idea it was all being caught on camera. CNN affiliate WLS (Oak Brook, Illinois) recorded the accident and rescue because their chopper was overhead monitoring the A.M. traffic. According to WLS, the accident which occurred around 7am.

Meyers, 27, has ten-years experience as a paramedic and firefighter. He began as a volunteer and then worked until he was full-time. In addition to being full-time in Rosemont, he’s also in Aurora part-time.

Over the years he’s seen bad accidents, but nothing compares to what he saw this day. “Stopping is not something that’s out of the ordinary when we see it,” he said.
Meyers mentioned that the survivor of the crash couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who helped him.

“I’m just glad the guy’s OK,” said Meyers. “It’s amazing that those bystanders stopped and how incredible it was for everybody to work together.”

SOURCE: http://jesusdaily.com/